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The ETC Alumni Network is an extension of the Entertainment & Tourism Club at California State University, Fullerton. Its mission is to establish a strong connection and a lifelong relationship between current ETC members and its alumni. It also provides an opportunity for all current and past members to network and interact with each other. 


ETC prides itself as one of the largest and most influential student organizations at CSUF. It exists to serve and help its members develop professionally. Over the years the club has not only offered students countless opportunities to network with industry professionals, but it has also given them a chance to meet lifelong friends.  Its heart lies within its members and its commitment to them is the driving force that led to the creation of the ETC Alumni Network. 


With the ETC Alumni Network, graduates can:

  • Gain access to current ETC news & updates

  • Become part of events created for the ETC Alumni Network

  • Reunite and learn from their colleagues

  • Build a network with current and past members

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