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Events Outreach Coordinator


Una Ahac

Una Ahac is a third-year Communications major with an emphasis in Entertainment & Tourism. This is Una’s second semester as an Entertainment Tourism major and her first time on the board of ETC. Una hopes to gain more skills with her time on the ETC board and put it forward in her future classes and career. Though she has not had much experience with event planning in the past, she is eager to continue working hands-on with her team to create environments and events where others can network more with their peers.


Outside ETC, Una enjoys going on adventures with her roommates, taking naps, and attending spin at the REC Center. Her time on the weekends is mostly taken up by her employment at Disneyland where spends 8 hours at a time pushing buttons and directing guests to the nearest bathroom. Meeting new peers and creating networking spaces for the club  members is what Una is most excited for this 23-24 year!


Reach out via email and connect on LinkedIn! 


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