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Charlotte Barnett

Creative Director

Charlotte is the current Creative Director for ETC this year.She started her journey at CSUF last year as a freshman in the Business Honors and University Honors programs. Since then, she has chosen the Entertainment and Hospitality concentration and plans to use her degree to enter the film industry after graduation. Charlotte is passionate about film making and hopes that her involvement in ETC will bring her closer to her dream industry.


Her journey with the club started last year through students from the Business Honors program on the ETC board. Though having started in the spring, she immediately began to get involved with the club and interact with other marketing and entertainment concentrations. ETC’s networking events especially helped her learn about her industry while becoming a part of the ETC community. 


Charlotte is excited to be a proud member of the ETC board and plans on working to create a poignant visual presence on the ETC social media.



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