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Vanessa Crook

University Relations Director, BICC

Vanessa Crook is a third-year transfer student majoring in Communications with a concentration in Advertising. Vanessa is thrilled to embark on her first semester as a member of the ETC board. As an active member, she fully engaged with ETC activities, and the club's opportunities have proven invaluable. Now, as a member of the ETC board, Vanessa is enthusiastic about contributing to the club's growth through her position as BICC University Relations Director.

A highlight of Vanessa's ETC journey includes gaining valuable experience working with renowned events such as the Emmys and Critics Choice Awards. These experiences have solidified Vanessa's passion for the entertainment industry, which she plans to pursue after graduation.

Looking forward to connecting with fellow members, Vanessa is open to discussions, idea-sharing, and making this semester memorable for the ETC family.


Feel free to reach out to Vanessa for a chat or to share your thoughts.


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