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Gabe Valenzuela


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Gabe Valenzuela is a fourth-year Communications: Entertainment & Tourism major. He has been a member of ETC since the fall semester of his sophomore year and his favorite events include the Live Nation Workshop from last year and the annual mixer. These events inspired him to become a part of the magic that is ETC and he served as last year’s Public Relations Specialist & Sponsorship Director.


This role allowed him to explore the PR side of the entertainment industry and contacting professionals felt like contacting celebrities. The role was very similar to talent relations and even gave him a leg up when it came to applying for talent related internships. 


ETC has shaped who he is as a person and a leader today. He has continued to stay on for his last year and has assumed the role of President. Gabe looks forward to meeting all the new and returning club members and hopes everyone enjoys the events that he and his board worked very hard to put on.


Outside of ETC, he is a part-time Disney cast member and Attractions Host making magic at “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland. He loves the entertainment aspect of the job and enjoys meeting new people every single day. 


He is always looking to expand his network, so feel free to reach out and connect with him on LinkedIn!



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