Sabrina Huynh

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Sabrina Huynh is currently a second-year pursuing a Business Administration degree with a concentration in entertainment and tourism management. This is her first year on ETC’s executive board as the Director of University Relations. 


From being in Street Team to attending many of the club events during her freshman year, Sabrina’s passion for the entertainment industry grew as she was exposed to the club’s opportunities, such as networking and attending award shows or panels. Because she credits ETC for educating her on the different areas and roles that exist in the entertainment field, Sabrina also wants to help others to expand their knowledge and benefit from the club’s multiple opportunities! Now as a part of the ETC board, Sabrina is excited to become more involved by offering her creativity and management skills and new ideas to the club and gain further opportunities. 


With this new position, Sabrina is beyond grateful and hopes to continue to develop her experience. In her past, Sabrina developed a strong interest in organizing events from volunteering at different organizations within her community, such as developing and running John Marshall Elementary School’s first recycling fundraiser and the PAL club’s (Peer Assistance Leadership) festival booths. For the future, Sabrina hopes to work in the music or film industry, involving in either marketing or event planning. 


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