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Joey Chu

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Media Director

Joey Chu is a fifth-year Communications-Cinema & Television Arts with a minor in Business Marketing. His experience with ETC began last spring semester as a general member when he attended the Livenation panel. He joins the ETC executive board on the marketing team as the media director.  

Being a part of ETC as both a general member and an executive board member has helped Joey open up many opportunities for him in the entertainment industry. The career panels that come to ETC would help Joey discover new roles and companies that would lead to him working for Live Nation Entertainment over the summer before taking the media director role with the marketing team of ETC.


He is excited to document the guest speakers and panels for the ETC board this year and work with the marketing team to get a glimpse of real-world marketing. He wants all new members to take advantage of the panels and opportunities ETC offers, as it can help lead to careers post-graduation! 



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