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Cesar Barreto

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Events & Program Coordinator

Cesar Barreto is a fourth-year Communications major with a concentration in Entertainment and Tourism. He embarked on his journey with ETC last semester,  initially joining as a general member and attending meetings to learn more about the club. 


Being his inaugural year on the executive board as the Events & Program Coordinator, he is looking forward to the valuable experiences, along with the opportunity to connect with new individuals. The excitement of meeting new people and engaging in relaxed conversations about life's intricacies is something he truly cherishes. It's not just about the words exchanged; it's the connections made and the diverse perspectives he encounters that truly fascinate him.


Outside of school, Cesar loves to explore the unknown. The joy of stepping into uncharted territories and uncovering new experiences fuels his sense of adventure. Whether he's navigating unfamiliar streets, diving into a new hobby, or sparking conversations with strangers, he's truly in his element. He's a firm believer in leading an active lifestyle. Hitting the gym isn't just a routine for him; it's a way to unleash his energy, challenge his limits, and keep his physical and mental well-being in top shape.


Feel free to reach out and connect with him!



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