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Lola Marquez

Finance Director

Lola Marquez is a third-year Business Administration major concentrating in Entertainment and Hospitality Management. Her journey with ETC started in her second year as a general member. She is now the Finance Director and cannot wait for the upcoming events this year.


Since joining ETC, Lola has furthered her interests in working in entertainment and has gained knowledge about the industry overall. ETC has encouraged her to try new things and she is excited to take on new opportunities. She is planning on working in the music industry in either management or marketing.


In her free time, Lola enjoys going to concerts and listening to new music. You can also find her on the freeway blasting music on a drive with friends to LA. She also enjoys going to night markets and eating good food. Lola is thrilled to be on board this year and network with more students and industry professionals. Feel free to connect with her through LinkedIn!



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