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Ashley Hernandez

Creative Director

Ashley Hernandez is a fourth-year Communications - Entertainment & Tourism major and CTVA Minor. Her experience with ETC started last year as a club member while she was debating on switching her major from kinesiology to communications. This fall, she is joining ETC’s executive board as creative director.


Being a part of ETC has helped Ashley realize that she would love to work in the entertainment industry, specifically in the film or music industry. She is also a part of ASI Student Programs & Engagement in which she has helped put on events such as Spring Concert, Harry Styles Night, Camp Rock Movie Night, & more! Fun fact about Ashley is that she loves going to concerts. This year she has seen Harry Styles, Drake, Tiffany Day, Sabrina Carpenter, and she plans on seeing Enhypen and The Jonas Brothers as well!


Ashley is very excited to help create content with the rest of the marketing team this year! She hopes that this position can help open up some doors for her in the industry, especially after graduating. Please feel free to connect & reach out on LinkedIn!



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