Sandy Ip

Public Relations Director

Sandy is currently a 4th-year Communications student with an emphasis in Entertainment and Tourism. She was an undeclared student during her first two years of college, but after joining ETC her Sophomore year, she found a real interest in the entertainment industry. She loves attending ETC panels and found an interest in event planning through one of these fantastic panels. 


After being in ETC for one semester, she decided to join the executive board as PR Director and have not looked back since. ETC has allowed her to truly immerse herself with people who have the same passion as her and who are working towards breaking into the industry every day.  


In the future, she plans to gain more experience in her field of interest, event planning for major brands and studios. Launch parties, screenings, opening events, anything that has to do with events, Sandy wants to be apart of. 


Outside of ETC, she is also an active member of Alpha Phi Omega, a co-ed service fraternity that emphasizes on friendship, leadership, and service! She loves being artistic and creative whenever she can. Sandy loves painting, DIY projects, Upcycle projects, arts & crafts, all things creative. 


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