Jarleen Pedroza

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Public Relations Director

Jarleen Pedroza is a senior majoring in Communications with a concentration in Entertainment & Tourism. Her experience with ETC began last year when she became involved as a street team member and began going to ETC’s events.


Becoming involved with ETC has helped Jarleen solidify her interest in pursuing a career in the music industry and has motivated her to seek opportunities that will help her do so. As a member of ETC, Jarleen has had the opportunity to network with professionals in various entertainment fields as well as build relationships with like-minded individuals.


As ETC’s Public Relations Director, she hopes members will be able to connect and identify with panelists. She also hopes that ETC can help members realize their passion in the entertainment industry and encourage them to seek opportunities for their growth. 

Please feel free to reach out!

Email: japedroza.etc@gmail.com