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Angelica Abejaron

PR & Shows Coordinator

Angelica Abejaron, or Angel, is a fourth-year Business-Entertainment & Tourism major. Her experience with ETC started last year just as a club member. 

This fall, she joined the executive board as the PR & Shows Coordinator. 


Joining ETC helped her understand and dial into the careers she wanted to focus on. Joining the club helped find her passion in wanting to continue a career in the entertainment industry. She has worked and volunteered for a variety of projects in Los Angeles as a production assistant and sales marketer. Angel is also currently a board member for the CSUF K-pop dance team Seoul.ful.


Her main mission is to help the club reach its  full potential, achieve their goals as board members, and to sharpen her skills as an individual. Additionally, she would like to encourage all the members of ETC to take advantage of the vast opportunities this club has to offer. 


Angel is open to connecting and engaging on LinkedIn, so don't hesitate to reach out! 



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