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Tiffany Ngo

Events Director

Tiffany Ngo is a third year Business - Human Resource Management major. Her journey with ETC began by joining Street Team as a sophomore where she was able to host the winter social along with the other members. Tiffany became the events coordinator the following semester as she continues her journey with ETC’s new executive board.


Being part of ETC allowed Tiffany to connect with professionals, surround herself with ambitious people, and helped her discover a passion for working in the music industry. Attending ETC’s panels allowed her to explore different companies and gave her opportunities to step foot within the entertainment industry as well. She is excited to work with her team this upcoming year and meet new ETC members.


Outside of ETC, Tiffany is part of the Business Student Advisory Board and works for Live Nation. In her free time, she loves going to concerts, exploring new places, and discovering new music!



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