Cristian Sanchez

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Finance Director

Cristian Sanchez is a second-year Business Administration- Entertainment & Hospitality Management major. His experience with ETC started last year as he joined the club as an active member. He has had an interest in the Entertainment industry for as long as he can remember.


He had a big part in creating performances for his father’s musical party clown business before high school. Since then, he has been volunteering the rest of his time to maintain the success of gaming conventions and local community theatre programs. He has a passion for helping people, especially with mental health, through entertainment and hospitality.


Alongside ETC, he also involves himself on campus as an ASI Programming Executive Producer, TEDxCSUF Marketing Director and proud member for Business Honors. He has grown a specific interest in Disneyland, Esports, and tourism. He plans to use his current and previous experiences to bring new ideas and perspectives to the ETC board. Please feel free to connect & reach out on Linkedin or Instagram!