Willa Madrid

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Panels Coordinator

Passionate and creative, Willa Madrid’s dedication to diverse representation in the entertainment industries inspires her fresh ideas to empower students and communities. Willa is a third-year at CSUF and is pursuing a degree in Entertainment & Tourism Communications and two minors in Asian American Studies and Music. She joined ETC last year as a general member and was blown away with all the valuable networking opportunities and industry insight she received. This year, she is ecstatic to serve on the ETC Executive Board as Panels Coordinator. 

In addition to ETC, Willa is also an Executive Producer for ASI Programming, where she curates and oversees fun and impactful events that enhance the CSUF experience for students. She plans to utilize her studies and experiences in ETC and ASI to pursue a career in the music industry. As an immigrant and 1.5 generation Filipina-American, Willa is happy to represent the Asian Pacific American community and use her platform to foster the new generation of Asian American music. When she isn’t in the studio, you can find her in a jam sesh, at a poetry slam, adventuring with her dog, or raiding her local thrift store.

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Email: wmadrid.etc@gmail.com